Skradin cake

Experience the authentic atmosphere of the agro tradition of Dalmatia – from the story of almonds, to the Queen of the delicacies: the famous Skradin cake. A visit to the tavern “Skradinske delicije” (Skradin delicacies) will take you back in time with long-forgotten traditions, and the flavors will inflame your senses.

This is a small factory of authentic, original products: guests are offered traditional delicacies from this area – grilled sweet almonds, homemade jams, walnut biscuits with figs, figs in chocolate and the queen of the delicacies: Skradin cake, the cake of love.

All the products are made in ecological, environmentally friendly way: no figs nor almonds are treated with chemicals, we use only domestic compost made from our olives.

The original Skradin cake has a classic shape with a diameter of 30 cm. Even family Subic from Bribir enjoyed this cake in the 14th century, while Skradin was the capital of Croatia and Bosnia. Skradinske delicije began to produce cake according to the original recipe, and refined the taste with the original Skradin liqueur, made from rose petals. They also connected it with the indigenous sign of recognition – the Sibenik cap: cake is packed in a ceramic bowl in the shape and look of the Sibenik cap.

This way the cake received a new value and meaning – it became a highly respected and wanted souvenir, whose tradition and quality was also recognized by the Croatian chamber of commerce that in 2010 awarded Skradinske delicije with the status of the first holder of the certificate “originally Croatian” in Sibenik – Knin County. The cake is made from 12 eggs and walnuts without flour and it’s gluten free.

The value of Skradin cake was also recognized by the jury of fair Opatija Kvarner Expo 2010 and it was awarded by the prestigious Grand Prix, as the original food souvenir .