Gastro Tour of Skradin

City of Skradin has more than 22 restaurants, 2 bakeries and 8 bars.

The main delicacies are certainly Dalmatian smoked ham – prosciutto, stew of eels, the Skradin risotto, fresh fish (Ĩokalice) or shellfish, lamb and baked bread, wine and jujuba brandy, rose petal liqueur, walnut brandy.

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Skradin risotto is carefully cooked for eight, nine, sometimes even eleven hours. Occasionally you add the mixture of cooked rooster, beef and veal. At the end, some prosciutto is added to enrich the flavor. Spices used are salt, pepper and nutmeg and other spices are the cook’s secret. According to tradition, the Skradin risotto is prepared only by men.

Other delicacies worth mentioning include :
– Dried lamb
– Cold Skradin eel stew with polenta made from corn flour from the Skradinski Buk mills
– “Cokalice” – small fish which live between the upper layer of fresh water of the river Krka and the lower layer of salt sea water
– Homemade jams from rowan, strawberry and figs with herbs
– Roasted (sugared) or salted almonds and dried figs

Skradin is known for preparing baked dishes “under the lid” – large cap made of metal or ceramic. It covers the food and it is covered with hot ashes. This way the food stays succulent and has a specific taste; neither cooked nor baked. Particularly delicious is lamb or veal, but also octopus or rooster with potatoes and vegetables. On Bribirska glavica were even found the remains of a rooster prepared under the lid from the Liburnian period!

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